How To Advertise On Instagram 

Instagram has seen rapid growth in the last couple of years and now boasts more than 1 billion monthly active users.

how to advertise on Instagram

With so many people using Instagram, it's important to understand how to advertise on Instagram and take advantage of this highly visual social media platform. 

This article explains how to advertise on Instagram and get the most out of your ads. 

The first thing you need to do when planning on how to advertise on Instagram and how to decide what to promote through your advertisements.

Post Interesting Content

It's good to post quality content that has a solid call to action if you want to get more clicks through Instagram ads. Users are more likely to click if they enjoy what they see.

Just like all the other social networks, it’s important for users on Instagram to feel that they can trust you, so providing them with useful or interesting information will help increase the chances of clicking your ad. 

Posting Regularly

That'll do wonders since users are more likely to interact with accounts they check often. 

In addition, creating unique and specific call-to-actions will also benefit you. For example, "Like my page" may not be as effective as "Check out my new product!" when trying to drive traffic to your website. 

Remember that you don’t have much space for text in an Instagram ad, so make every word count by using relevant keywords and phrases. You should also include hashtags whenever possible.

Utilizing hashtags will help you to reach a larger audience and will also help your ads become more visible in search results. 

But you should avoid overusing them because other users may find them spam. So should aim for less than 10 or 11 hashtags per photo or video. 

Utilize Location

You should make use of location tags to target specific Areas, this tactic can help connect with the right geographical targeted audience.

Lastly, try promoting products on Instagram similar to those found in your ads. 

If you sell shoes online, for instance, posting photos of shoes on Instagram could encourage followers to visit your site and purchase a pair.


In order to see results in this business of advertising, you need to connect with your followers. 

This doesn’t mean spending all trying to have conversations with strangers, it simply means acknowledging user behaviors, through replying to their comments, and mentioning and thanking those who share your posts. So keep these interactions genuine! 

When you run an Ad about a giveaway, offer free samples, or any other event-related activity (even if it is not directly related to your product), then be sure to mention it in your post. But always remember not to go beyond with your campaign. 

Just because you can pay for likes, shares, and followers doesn’t mean you should do it. These are just vanity metrics that will not guarantee any return on investment (ROI)

Seem like a great idea at first but once people find you out and realize they are being scammed, their comments may damage your credibility and reputation.

Also, use high-quality images in order to increase audience engagement, and endeavor to check the performance of each image by heading over insights on Instagram.

how to advertise on Instagram


Fun is key when it comes to making an impression on your customers; if you have fun whilst advertising on Instagram, their higher chances of humanizing.  And when people notice that you’re human like them, they’re more likely to trust you. 

After all, businesses aren’t inherently trustworthy: according to research from Edelman (the public relations firm), 82% of consumers find advertising untrustworthy. 

Why? Because consumers are savvy enough to know when something isn’t genuine and, at least in part because of how much we rely on recommendations from friends and family for new products or services, authenticity matters even more than ever before. 

It’s important to show off who you are as a brand through your Instagram feed not just what you do. 

This doesn’t mean posting every single day about yourself it means using your voice in a way that makes sense for your business. You can achieve this by asking questions rather than writing lengthy descriptions with hard-to-read hashtags. 

Use words and phrases your audience will understand without assuming their level of English fluency (for example, asking "what do you need"... is much easier to understand than asking "what do u need".


Simply this will help you to know which course of action is working and which one is not and therefore it will assist you in optimizing your campaign for success. 

how to advertise on Instagram


1: Tracking popular posts

2: Tracking the number of shares and saves

3: Track the number of link clicks (the website link that you provide in your profile)

4: Tracking the number of your profile visits

After noting down all these metrics you should then try to figure out why the results are that way and then try to find the means of improving on them.

Take Advantage Of Videos

Research proves that Instagram videos receive 3 times the number of engagements that images receive. You can use this to your advantage by producing high-quality videos in your advertising campaigns. 

Consider Sponsored Ads

On Instagram, Sponsored ads are posts that are paid for in order for Instagram to promote them on the news feed of its users. 

These will help you to increase the number of people you will reach, connect and sell to. 

Sponsored ads will boost your business greatly but you must participate, in a way that will not compromise your financial abilities or budget.

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