How To Advertise For Free

How To Advertise For Free

Free is the magic world, wherever we go, the power that free has can't be hidden. When "free" is included in a title, those who are financially stable flock to the scene in an attempt to save a few bucks, and those who don't have much also race to the scene to try their luck. 

And when you put the world "free" on adverting, everyone rushes in to see this great deal. I believe that is also the case, why you are here and reading this amazing article. 

This article will more than deliver, what it promises, I will show you ways in which you can gain free traffic, free sales, gain free followers and gain free likes and comments and even adverting credits. 

Free advertising is quiet elusive, because a lot promise it and most of us clearly want to save money but we simply never manage to achieve these desired goals because people most often in life like lying and deceiving us, that we can advertise for free as digital marketers, the main question is how to advertise for free? The answer to this question is yes! And I will show you how.

Why advertising for free isn't a hoax

Hoaxes are lies, meant to waste your time, for instance click bait articles. That hardly delivery what they want. Despite free adverting concept being surrounded by scams, it is not completely a host , you just simply, have to know how to do it, and in this article I will show you clearly how you can advertise for free.  

Places you can try to advertise for free



●Google YouTube








●Using influencer friends

So there I have listed at least 10 best places you can use to advertise for free. you might be shocked by this development but trust me these are some of the best places you can go to, to advertise for free.

Now let me explain everything in detail

1: Pinterest

Pinterest is among the most popular websites in the world, people visit and posts pictures which are regraded as pins. To advertise on Pinterest, just upload your pictures completely for free. 

Your pictures will be viewed by people and this increases the chances for you to make sales

How To Open A Pinterest Account And Start Free Advertising 

1: Sign up through Facebook, email, or Google

2: Create boards

3: Upload pictures

4: Link them to your URLs of your product

Pinterest was the first website where i reached my first 1,000 impressions. The second was YouTube and the third was Facebook.

2. Facebook

Facebook has over 2 billion users which are active,  and imagine what you would do with this much power!, Of course, for those who have money they can just create a Facebook page and start feeding the Facebook algorithm money, so that it can start getting them people to Like, Comment and ultimately, boost sales and business value.

The concept of advertising for free on Facebook is very wide, so wide I can talk about this in 3 pages but I will try to keep it short.

To advertise for free on Facebook try  doing the following tricks

○Tag many friends

○Post on your wall 

○Post in groups

○Post memes on pages

○Share your content

These are the main 5 ways in which you can advertise for free on Facebook now let me brief you.

Tagging Friends

Tagging friends is very necessary, once you tag them, there friends will also get exposed to your goods and services, make sure your post settings are in public and that you try and tag as many friends as you can. 

If you can tag 100 people, About 1,000 people will be exposed to your service that way you will be adverting for free.

Post On Your Wall 

Posting on Facebook can also be taken as adverting because you are spreading the word, this is necessary because you aren't charged to post on Facebook so this is surely free advertising.

Again make sure, your posts are in public setting so that you can reach as many people as possible.

Post In Groups

Facebook groups as well are a source of free Traffic, other groups have members of up to 2,000,000 people. And they are open, meaning anyone can post things. 

Take advantage, and start posting on Facebook groups they are a great source of free Traffic this 2020, free adverting that would enhance business reach and sales.

Post Memes On Pages

Facebook pages can easily be promoted by posting memes, memes make up for good engagement, and this means more followers, comments, sales and clients for your business.

Share Your Content

On Facebook always share your content, either to friends or to groups, Facebook desktop version or Facebook lite app manages to offer features you can use to share ads or Content to Facebook groups 

3. Google YouTube

Another place where you can advertise for free is google YouTube. YouTube is a video sharing platform that is also a Social media website, to advertise on YouTube upload a Video that might contain your product, you might also consider linking your product link in the description. 

For more successful results, always make use of SEO Ranking keywords.

Again, make use of the viral trend of using TikTok shorts.

4. TikTok

To advertise for free on TikTok upload a video, put the link of your product in your bio.

5. Instagram

Upload memes on Instagram and upload the link to your product on your bio, also comment on celebrities posts, that will make you gain tons of followers of your own. 

And this shall lead you to more free sales.

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is a Content sharing Social media websites, that is free to join once you join, create a free blog in Tumblr and then you can share your content for free on the Platform

7. Twitter

Twitter try the same process as on Instagram, upload your content, links, Post memes, comment on celebrities posts and very soon Twitter will be sending you costumers.

8. Google

Adverting on Google for free is also a bit simple, just type content that is SEO friendly and google will send you free traffic daily

Remember to submit your website content through submitting your website sitemap

9. Bing

Try the similar process with Google but do not forget to submit your website sitemap for free indexing

10. WhatsApp

On WhatsApp you can advertise for free by posting in open for all groups and also posting on your WhatsApp status.

Don't forget to check out telegram and also reddit they can also Also help you to be successful in free digital marketing advertising

 In Conclusion

Adverting for free might be elusive but, this is because many people are not doing it right. This article has tried to address to you ways you can use to advertise for free

I have reached over 60,000,000 people on Facebook and about 500,000 people on YouTube completely for free. 

A recap of places you can advertise for free

✔Bing and Google

Thank you for reading this article, you can check out more adverting articles on our website. 

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