Video Advertising On Instagram

Video Advertising On Instagram

Instagram is a Social media platform that is owned by Meta, the company previously Facebook Inc. The Instagram platform at present is the best place to go when you want to improve your business reach, sales and customer engagement.

Video Advertising On Instagram

Why is Instagram the best place to get new clients for your digital marketing business?

Instagram is undoubtedly the best place to try your luck in getting new clients and customers because millions of people use it daily and you can turn those people into leads who might eventually become qualified leads. 

Why video advertising on Instagram?

There are numerous types of Instagram Ads  and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages

But in this article, I will focus more on the advantages of video advertising on Instagram

Just a recap on some of the advertising options that are on Instagram

● Instagram Discovery Ads

These are Ads that will show up on the discovery page, to potential consumers that have clicked on the Instagram discovery platform page.

● Instagram Feed Ads

These Instagram ads show up on the feed page whenever people decided to check their feeds, your ads might show up if they are interested. The person might become a potential client and you might earn money or boost your business value.

● Instagram Story Ads

Instagram is also one of the many platforms that have taken advantage of using story ads, these story ads show up in between people's stories. 

If the Ad is interesting enough, you might get clients or qualified leads for your business.

● Instagram Picture Ads

Instagram picture Ads are also effective but not as effective as, video ads, and they are quite cheap.

Picture Ads cost less to make., on average they might cost something in between $0.6 to $5 per click (CPC) but with video Ads, you should expect something around $1 to $6 per click.

Video Advertising On Instagram

What makes Instagram video ads more effective than other ads format?

It's important to note that, growing a digital business isn't always easy as it will require you to use the most effective digital marketing trends.

And at times it also requires you to invest in digital advertising, and check out the best digital advertising practices on Instagram, to maximize your profits in the digital marketing world. 

To succeed, you simply need to have extensive knowledge of what you are doing.

Here are some of the reasons that make video advertising on Instagram beneficial

It Attracts A lot Of Attention

The best way to attract attention on Instagram is through creating videos, making a video requires great talent and skill but once you have managed to make a visually pleasing video, you can always be certain that whatever, you are promoting or trying to achieve is going to succeed.

When you use video advertising on Instagram, it's a guarantee that you will be able to attract a lot of attention.
Video Advertising On Instagram

Tips on how to create a winning Video advertising campaign on Instagram

1. Use tools like filmola 9 video editor to edit the Instagram platform video Ads

2. Record with the best clean camera: might be an iPhone or something that records very well

3. Make sure the resolution is on point as some videos might not fit well with Instagram, so try this Instagram video ads resolution of 1080x1080

4. Make the video interesting as best as you can: boring Instagram advertising videos will not help you at all. So, to be able to attract attention with your video. It has to be entertaining.

5. Show you are passionate, there is no better way to flex your pockets than creating a video ad on Instagram, sure it is costly but this acknowledgement also portrays to people that you are passionate about your business or brand.

If you are looking for investors, and they see you aren't too hard on the business, to the point that you are running successful Instagram advertising video ads. It might be of benefit because they will be willing to help you out by handing you, investment funds so that you can continue with your digital marketing career and effectively manage to grow your business through Video Instagram advertising.

3. Instagram Video advertising requires skills and portraits of how professional you are.

It's not easy to create a video and the difficulty only increases when that video is an Instagram advert. Hence Instagram Video adverting is beneficial because it shows just how professional you are.

4. Instagram Video advertising is beneficial because it is a source of employment for most people. Creating videos is not an easy task, and creating a video Ad isn't at all simple.

The results (ROI) on Instagram might be great but it will always be costly since their always a need, to get actors who might help you narrate a complex story on your video Instagram Ads.

When you seek out local or international talent to help you out with the creation of Instagram Video ads or Instagram video Advertising you are offering them employment. So not only are the Instagram video ads important to you but they are also beneficial because they are important to everyone.

Actors can make money out of Instagram video ads and you can earn a fortune and attract many potential customers because the Instagram ads are interesting. Hence the value of your business increases due to the use of Instagram video ads.

Video Advertising On Instagram

Where do Instagram Video ads appear?

Instagram Video ads appear in the following places on Instagram

✔Instagram Video ads appear on the discovery display page
✔Instagram video ads appear on the feed page
✔Instagram video Ads appear on Instagram stories
✔Instagram video ads appear on the profile page

In Conclusion

You shouldn't hesitate, in trying to try out Instagram video ads. Video adverting is effective because it will quickly add value to your business. And it's one of the most effective digital marketing trends of 2022.

Using video Ads on Instagram can be difficult but once you start seeing positive results you will not hold back again.

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