Advertising On Instagram Best Practices

Advertising On Instagram Best Practices

Opening an account on Instagram is both extremely easy and it is also free. All You need to do is to provide your name, and email address., Any email address can be your Gmail address from Google, and password do not forget to create a password.

For you to start Adverting On Instagram you have to register on Facebook, please own a Facebook account because people use Facebook ads, Manager, in order to start running Instagram Ads.

In other words, In order to create an Ad campaign on Instagram, and start advertising on Instagram, you will need to create and own a business profile for your company first. You can easily do this by: 

Clicking on “Create Business Profile” in the left sidebar of the Facebook Ads Manager tab. 

Once you are done with this, your company details, such as contact info, logo, address, your online website and its category will be required from you to provide. 

Next, you will need to specify which type of campaign you want to create: a regular Ad campaign or a conversion Ad campaign.

The next step is setting up the budget for your Ads - how much money do you want to spend per day? This will vary depending on what type of ad you are running and how much you are setting aside for it.

Again at the very end, you are also required to select the option of Ads only appearing strictly on Instagram.

That is if you want to start Advertising On Instagram and not make the mistake of spreading your ads all over meta owned products. (The option that might appear and give you control is called "Ads Placement")

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet today and It's among the hot 10s in our books.

Adverting On Instagram is a great idea because Instagram has its own advertising options or type of unique Ads which consists of  the following options: 

1. Basic photo Ads

2. Feed Ads

3. Story Ads

4. Carousel Ads

5. Collection Ads

These Instagram Ad types are available on Instagram's self-serve tools but you can also easily access them through Facebook Ads Manager when you want to start Advertising On Instagram.

Instagram Feed Ads

When adverting on Instagram what are feed ads?

Feed Ads are considered the new way of advertising on Instagram. Feed Ads are Ads that you see in the right-hand column of your Instagram feed; they can be videos or photos, but they’re always formatted to fit seamlessly into your feed. 

You might not even notice them at first glance, but they’re there and they will be working hard to get your consumers' attention when you decide to use them as you are adverting on Instagram.

Feed Ads work on a bidding system, so if you want to begin advertising on Instagram, you have to set up a campaign and place bids for each individual Ad unit. Adverting on Instagram usually costs a CPC of $0.20 - $6.30

This is more complicated than traditional advertising because it requires more time and effort from advertisers, but it also offers significantly more flexibility and control over how you promote your brand or products with Instagram Ads.

● Instagram Basic Photo Ads

Advertising on Instagram with basic photo Ads.

Instagram basic Ads are a great way to get your brand's name out and engage with potential customers when advertising on Instagram.

The Ads are simple and straightforward which makes them perfect for brands who don't have a lot of time on their hands when advertising on Instagram.

Here is what you need to know about adverting on Instagram using Basic photo Ads:

1: When adverting on Instagram basic Ads are easy to create and set up.

2: When adverting on Instagram basic photo Ads are regarded to be more affordable than other Ad types on Instagram.

3: When adverting on Instagram You can target specific users based on their interests easily with basic photo Ads.

Instagram Carousel Ads 


When adverting on Instagram what are carousel Ads?

Instagram Carousel Ads are a type of Ad format that is displayed as a series of images (PNGs and JPEG).

The carousel ad format is available to advertisers who purchase an Instagram advertising account and are set to start advertising on Instagram.

Advertisers can upload up to 5 or 9 images or videos and set their own sequence for the carousel Instagram Ads format display. This is very nice as you will have tons of control when Advertising On Instagram while using carousel ad format.

More insight on how carousel ads format works on Instagram.

When someone clicks on the first image, they’ll see the next one in the series, with the last one being the most recent post from your account.

A lot of people do not know what carousel ads are when they are advertising on Instagram but we recommend that you should try them out because they will provide great value for your money when you are advertising on Instagram.

Instagram Story Ads

When Advertising On Instagram what are story Ads?

Story Ads are another cool way for businesses to advertise their products when they want to start advertising on the Instagram platform. 

Story Ads are usually short videos that play in the users’ feeds and they only last up to 15 seconds. If you want to start advertising on Instagram this is also a great ad format option.

Instagram is regarded as the new form of advertising on Instagram which has been created specifically for the platform. 

Story Ads are videos that promote brands in a creative way and can be up to 15 seconds long. These videos play automatically in people's feeds, but unlike regular Instagram posts, story ads won't show up in people's feeds or explore tabs. Since these sections also have their own ad format categories.

The minimum cost for story ads is $0.50 – $1.00 but this number can vary depending on the type of ad and how many impressions you want to get from it. And also cost per click varies when you are adverting on Instagram depending on the competitiveness of your respective niche. 

When Advertising on Instagram to get the  best results to try the following

✔Pick the best format for you
✔Be location specific
✔Select an affordable budget
✔Experiment with ads
✔Use influencers
✔Pick a product that's in demand

In Conclusion

Instagram is a very popular website, that has Millions of visitors and it has the potential to grow your business if manage to utilize its potential rightly.

To start your journey of adverting on Instagram you first need to create an account, and also own a Facebook account, access the Facebook ad manager and set up Instagram ads placement only and inject your budget into the campaign. 

In addition, Instagram has a number of unique ad formats you can test, pick one that gives you the best results.

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