How To Make Money With A Facebook Group

How To Make Money With A Facebook Group

Meta company the owner of Facebook doesn't allow Facebook group monetization. This is because Facebook wasn't designed to monetarize groups and communities but does allow page monetarization.
How To Make Money With A Facebook Group

In this article, I will share with you a secret on how to make money with a Facebook group.

Why You Need To Earn From A Facebook Group

Earning money from your Facebook group would help you a lot in life as you will be able to afford the things you wouldn't afford before.

Being able to earn money on Facebook will also help you command respect among your peers. Money isn't happiness but it's sometimes the measure of success in this world we live in.

The reasons why Facebook doesn't directly monetize Facebook groups

The reason why Facebook does not allow Facebook group monetization is that it currently goes against their Community terms and conditions to show ads in Facebook groups.

It's not easy to monetize a Facebook group but this doesn't mean it can't be done, it can and I shall share with you the secret of how you can do it. 

Facebook makes it hard to earn money via groups since Facebook doesn't allow native ads to be displayed in the Facebook group and that means you won't be making money as a group owner through displaying Facebook Ads. 
Think of how website owners earn money from their websites, Some earn through displaying Google Adsense ads. And  Facebook page owners who have met the necessary requirements for Facebook page monetization can also earn by allowing Facebook to display ads.

But such good options aren't available for Facebook group owners hence making it hard to earn money by means of displaying native ads in groups.

How To Make Money With A Facebook Group

So then how are you going to earn money with a Facebook group?

Facebook doesn't allow you to make money through its Facebook ads system but you can do the following things and earn yourself money with a Facebook group.

1: Grow a Facebook community group 
2: Charge people to post
3: Paid Adverts
4: Affiliate marketing programs 
5: Lend a Facebook group 
6: Sale Facebook groups

Growing A Facebook  Community To Earn Money

The more people you have in a Facebook group the more valuable the group shall be, every time your Facebook group gets new users you can pin a link to where they might donate money and help you out as the group owner.

Several websites allow content creators to create donation buttons and these are some of the best ones to try out 
                              Buy me a Coffee

How To Create A Donation Button 

Simply sign up on these platforms and locate your donation URL so that you can pin it on top of your Facebook group, therefore your Facebook community members will be able to notice it and donate to you. 

Charging Posts

The good thing about Facebook groups is that Facebook offer's it's group owners so much power and control that they can lock the whole group allowing only Administrators to post.

A Facebook group owner who would want to monetize his group can utilize this feature.

How to monetize your Facebook group with this feature, hover to your group Settings > Who Can Post. then turn it to Only Me. Charging people is a great way to make money with a Facebook group because every post which is posted on your group will be valuable as people tend to post important content when they notice that you are charging for posts.

Ads Placements 

When you're an administrator at a bigger Facebook group, their higher chances of getting deals from people and these often involve, requesting to advertise their products on your Facebook group. 

This is a smarter way of making money with a Facebook group whenever they want to advertise on your group make sure that you charge them for the ads that they are posting.

Advantage of making money on Facebook through charging for advertisements

These kinds of Facebook groups are free from poor-quality ads (only the best go through) compared to sponsored page ads. 

Secondly, it offers more control over what's to be posted. For instance, when you allow people to post freely you won't be making earn money but if you charge them for what they are posting in terms of ads you will earn and only quality ads will be posted on your group.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

There is no other better way to earn money online than doing affiliate marketing. all you need is to promote your affiliate link to your community, you're at liberty to post links and even pin them on the top of your Facebook group.

Make sure your Facebook group audience interests are in line with your affiliate marketing program niche in this way you'll make a lot of money from it as the audience interacts with posts. 

And this could be the best answer to your queries about how to make money with a Facebook group so hurry up and sign up with some of the best affiliate networks today.

● Maxbounty
● AdCombo
● CrakRevenue
● Clickbank
● Perform
● CPAlead

Lending A Group

This option might seem extremely odd but it's actually done, some Facebook group owners earn money by lending their Facebook groups to people who might be interested in posting on the group and leveraging this community group for traffic for their own benefits.

You can try lending your Facebook group to others at a fee. Never give your personal details just make them moderators so that they can be able to post unlimitedly on the group and as you charge them you will make money.

Selling Off Groups 

This might sound harsh and it's also against Facebook policy but it's the quickest way to earn cash online, Indeed to sell your group. Groups that have good quality traffic and are active wouldn't be that hard to sell-off. 

When a Facebook group has 10,000 users selling it is easy, simply Advertise through your group cover banner and you would be able to find a customer.

How To Make Money With A Facebook Group

Things to avoid whilst making money with a Facebook group through selling off groups

○Be aware of scammers
○Never give people or buyers full access before the full transaction
○Do all transactions through Escrow or Mediators.

In your group, you can also be selling some merchants and this will help you make money with your Facebook group

In Conclusion

I hope you have learnt a few things or two on how to make money with a Facebook group and turn your Facebook group into a money-making machine.

To make money with a Facebook group do the following.

✔Paid adverting
✔Paid posting
✔Affiliate marketing 
✔Lending a group
✔Selling off groups
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