Advertising Vehicles Best Practices

Advertising Vehicles Best Practices

Selling your vehicles online or physically is not an easy task, as it usually takes 3-4 week or even several months to finally sale it.
Luckily, one skill that would help you to sale, your vehicle quickly is adverting  vehicles, and listing them on vehicle adverting websites where the Advertised vehicle can be bought by consumers who are looking for such a car.

Reasons that will make your advertised car sale quickly

1. Time of listing
2. Advertised vehicle demand
3. Condition of the Advertised vehicle
4. Affordability of the Advertised vehicle

Now let me explain all the points in detail

1: Time Of Listing The Advertised Vehicle

The time you list a vehicle for sale, can directly affect your chances of selling it. Studies done by iSeeCars which is a car search engine and automotive research film indicate that January is the best month to buy a used car for Americans. 

Because it is during this month, that they are more likely going to have good deals that will both satisfy the seller and the consumer.

2. Advertised Vehicle Demand

The demand of your Advertised vehicle will influence the time it will take for a buyer to buy it and also the cost of the vehicle.

Advertising vehicles can sometimes be fun, during the moments when the vehicle you are listing on vehicle marketplaces is in demand and is also affordable to the automotive consumer. 

For instance, if you are selling a Tesla model S below the marketplace in addition the advertised vehicle is in good condition, many people would rush in to buy this advertised vehicle Tesla model S from you, as it makes up a good bargain.

So, when you want to make a quick sale of your advertised vehicle, the selling odds will be extremely high when you put on listing a vehicle brand that is on high demand and make sure the timing is in the month of January.

3. Condition Of The Advertised Vehicle

The condition of the advertised vehicle you are listing matters. This condition can be portrayed in the quality of it's performance, the advertised vehicle outward appearance. 

A newly painted advertised vehicle is more likely going to sale quickly than a vehicle that hasn't been maintained.

To be able to sale your advertised vehicle quickly, make sure your vehicle is maintained and repaired, these repairs might drive it's selling price slightly high, but the effort shall be worth the stress since studies show that, vehicles that are looking "new" even though they are second hand, they are the one's which are more likely going to get sold quickly than those that require maintenance work.

5. Affordability Of The Advertised Vehicle

You want to sale your vehicle, you have decided to list it on a marketplace hoping someone is going to buy it quickly, yes they would but the time that might happen hugely depends on a number of factors and one major factor is the pricing of your advertised vehicle.

Some prices are way too high for a consumer to afford while others are way too cheap for you who's selling to earn a profit. 
Therefore, it is necessary to do research before you list your vehicle on sale, and give it a price tag that is not too expensive for the customer nor too cheap for you. 

Make sure the price tag you put on your vehicle offers the best Value of customers Money.

When your advertised vehicle is too expensive hence being unaffordable, Customers will move on, to see other vehicles that are available in the marketing exchange stock inventory and purchase a vehicle that is affordable to them leaving yours, to collect dust.

Adverting Vehicles Top Websites In 2022

1. Facebook marketplace
2. AutoTrader

Now lets check out what these vehicle listing and selling websites can offer

Facebook Marketplace

If you have a Facebook account then that is fantastic, all you need to do, is do a Google search of "Facebook marketplace and login" 

To list your product for adverting, you are required to upload, a few photos and also input your price tag 

Qn: Does Facebook marketplace place charge for listing?

No!, Facebook does not charge you when you are adverting vehicles and listing them on their fb marketplace.

Qn: Does Facebook marketplace deduct 5% fee from your Sale?

Yes!, it does deduct from sales and they  call it a selling fee! Facebook doesn't charge you for listing and adverting your car on their Facebook marketplace Platform. 

However, it does deduct a minimum fee of about 5% from a successful sale which you make on their marketplace.

Payment methods available for Facebook marketplace place?

1. PayPal
2. Credit card
3. Debt card

Now let me talk of the other adverting vehicles platform 


AutoTrader, is regarded as the best place to sale second hand vehicles in USA, it is also the best go to place, when you want to advertise vehicles. 

AutoTrader, has the largest inventory of used cars in it's stocks, it doesn't own any physical goods but it links customers to car dealerships and allow them to compare prices. 

It costs a minimum of $25-90 to advertise and list your vehicle for sale on Autotrader, the premium price being $90 bucks.

Why is Autotrader website the best website to visit in 2022 when Advertising Vehicles

○ It's a good to place for customers

○ Alot of cars are on offer

○ Affordable services

○ Various tools on display to help you make a sale quickly

○ Trustworthy website only cars that are in good condition (legal) are allowed to be on display.

Should you trust Facebook and Autotrader vehicle marketplaces when advertising vehicles?

Yes! You could, they are secure and there is little to no risk of you being scammed.

Alternative Websites For Adverting Vehicles

1. eBay Motors

2. Craigslist


4. Hemmings

5. CarGurus

6. Whatsapp

Best Place Where Adverting Vehicles Campaigns Work

Facebook Marketplace

On malawian marketing Facebook groups, you will find a lot of people selling their used cars, you too can advertise vehicles by posting the photos of a product you want to sale.

Adverting Vehicles On WhatsApp

This meta owned texting application does wonders in Malawi as it can also help you sale your vehicles.

How To Sale And Advertise A Vehicle On WhatsApp Do The Following:

1: Download the app (WhatsApp business

2: Register 

3: Join WhatsApp marketing listing groups

4: Post to start Advertising Vehicles and sale

In Conclusion

Advertising Vehicles can be hard but it is not impossible to make sales. Simply make sure your advertised vehicle is  in high demand, maintained and you are listing it on platforms that will help you advertise vehicles and sale. 

Platforms like;-

✔Facebook marketplace place
✔Whatsapp groups
✔Bay Motors

Thank you for reading this article, if you wish to learn how to advertise your products please read this other article on How To Advertise Your Products
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