How To Increase Website Visibility

How To Increase Website Visibility

Being a successful digital marketer requires a lot of things. For example, if you want to excel in the graphic design world you have to learn how to use multiple tools and become good with them.  

How To Increase Website Visibility

And if you are in the digital marketing world of blogging it is necessary to have a good website which is both appealing and also has strong ranking authority, which helps websites get good website traffic.

In this article, I will explain how you can increase your website visibility which will help you gain more sales, get sponsorship deals, get ad publisher approval and also create a strong internet presence.

Why Is Increasing Website Visibility Relevant?

Websites that have a strong online presence are ranked first in search results. Ranking top on search engine results is ideal because search engines drive traffic to your blog. Traffic, in turn, results in increased sales.

How To Increase Website Visibility

1. Post Relevant Content

Posting things that add benefit to your audience helps in increasing the visibility of your website.

Google is constantly trying to offer people helpful content. If your website is full of in-depth articles that prove to be helpful, Google will show them to more and more people. Hence, the visibility of your website will increase.

2. Post More Content

Posting a higher amount of content also helps increase website visibility. A website that is rich in content is more likely to rank higher in search results than a website that doesn't have many posts.

Even getting AdSense approval is hard for websites that have less than 28 articles posted. If your website doesn't have many posts, its visibility is going to be low.

Posting many articles also helps you gain maximum authority over some keywords. Keywords can be owned if you write more in-depth articles around them. The more you write about a subject the more likely you are going to rank and increase website visibility over that keyword.

So, posting more articles is ideal if you want to have a chance of increasing website brand visibility.

How To Increase Website Visibility

3. Get Backlinks From Authoritative Websites

Getting backlinks might seem too hard of a task, but in the long run, it is very beneficial. Website backlinks are like references. If a website links to your site, your website is going to be regarded as important and that will make the search engine recommend your content to more and more people.

How To Get Website Backlinks

1. Try Guest Posting On Guest Posting Websites

You can try registering on a website that allows guest posts. These websites aren't that hard to find. Just do a simple Google search and you will find free guest posting websites at your disposal. To help you get started, try:

  1. Medium
  2. Pinterest

2. Try Posting On Social Media

Social media platforms do also provide backlinks. These backlinks are called "no follow" backlinks. It's said that they do not influence or contribute anything to your domain authority, but any kind of backlink is welcome in my book.

The more you share a post to different websites/platforms, the more you stand a chance of scoring a backlink which eventually leads to increased traffic, resulting in increased website visibility and Helping you boost digital marketing sales or your digital marketing profile.

How To Increase Website Visibility

Top 8 Social Media Websites

You can gain no follow backlinks on:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a photo-sharing platform. On Pinterest, you gain photo backlinks. Always share your website pictures with their URLs on Pinterest.

2. Facebook

Facebook is a multi-purpose social media website, and it can significantly help you grow your website by getting you both do-follow and no-follow types of backlinks. Try sharing your website posts in Facebook groups and also on your Facebook wall.

You might also find this link useful: "How to advertise for free on Facebook"

3. YouTube

You can also score video backlinks by sharing your website URL on YouTube. Be careful when sharing your website links on YouTube, though, as YouTube doesn't like link spamming.

To properly share a website link on YouTube, include the link in your video description. In addition, you can add it to your YouTube profile.

4. Tumblr

Tumblr is a great social media site to get backlinks on, which can eventually help increase your website visibility. To register on Tumblr, simply have an active Gmail account and sign up on their website.

Once you are on Tumblr, you can create a blog on their platform, where you'll be able to write articles or post direct links that point to your website.

Why Tumblr Is Easy To Use
  1. It's user-friendly (the desktop version of Tumblr is amazing)
  2. You can share multiple file formats easily (audio, text, videos)
  3. Tumblr is fast. Posting hardly requires much effort

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media website similar to Facebook and Twitter but focused on work or career. On LinkedIn, you can write in-depth articles about your website or link in some of your site URLs. After that, you can post, and every article you link in your LinkedIn article will be a no-follow backlink. Include the necessary hashtags to easily get traffic on the post.

6. Twitter

Twitter is also a nice platform where you can get no-follow backlinks from. To score backlinks on Twitter, simply share your post on the platform, and once it's indexed you will score a backlink that will help increase your post visibility.

7. Rumble

This platform functions like YouTube. To gain a backlink from Rumble you can simply include it in your article link in your video description.

8. Reddit

Reddit is quite an amazing website with millions of daily users. To score a backlink on Reddit, simply share a link to a Reddit community.

If you are having a hard time being accepted to post on some communities, you can try creating your own community and gain unlimited posting power.

How To Increase Website Visibility

How Backlinks Help Increase Website Visibility (In-Depth Discussion)

Website visibility or ranking is hugely affected by your Domain Authority and Page Authority.

These are the two metrics which Google looks for when it tries to rank your posts.

Domain Authority (DA) is ranked out of 100. A score of 50/100 and above is very decent and almost any posts you make on this website will be quickly indexed and ranked.

Page authority (PA) refers to the authority your website has. The higher your page authority, the higher your chances of appearing first in Google search results.

In short, backlinks help increase website visibility because they help increase Domain Authority and Page authority.

The Two Types Of Backlinks

1. No-Follow Backlinks

This does help give some authority to your links, but they do not affect or increase your Domain Authority

2. Do-Follow Backlinks

These backlinks are quite important as they help give power to your website whenever you have gained them.

3 Top Bookmark Listing Websites To Gain Backlinks On

  1. Bookmark monk
  2. Bookmark flog
  3. Bookmark flash

3. Try Doing Live Podcasts

Going on local radio stations to talk about your project will help you grow your website to new heights. Website visibility most of the time boils down to how many mentions you get on social media per year as well as how popular you are. If you aren't much popular, not many are going to know about your website as well. Therefore, doing podcasts is necessary as they will help increase your website visibility.

4. Hire Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital Marketing agencies are all across America, and they can help you increase your social media visibility as well as website visibility. In an old post, we tackled the best digital marketing agencies in the USA.

Be careful when picking a digital marketing agency as some can be scams. You need to pick a reliable digital marketing agency that has good reviews and is also affordable for your pocket.

Top 10 Things A Digital Marketing Agency Can Do To Increase Your Website Visibility

  1. Gaining important backlinks
  2. Getting mentioned
  3. Securing important talk shows
  4. Getting skilled content writers
  5. Helping you with search engine optimization
  6. Helping you set up a successful digital marketing campaign
  7. Helping you manage posts
  8. Helping you organize successful online events
  9. Helping you create successful and meaningful adverts
  10. Helping you rebrand and design creative flyers

Digital marketing agencies can help you with a lot of things when it comes to improving your website Visibility.

5. Do Keyword Research Before Writing Articles

Keyword research can be defined as the act of searching and knowing the multiple variants of a search query which exist in your respective niche or topic.

In other words, the act of using tools that will show you various search terms which you can include in your respective article to rank for.

The Top 6 Keyword Research Tools

  1. Google Search suggestions
  2. Uber suggest
  4. HREFT
  5. Semrush
  6. Moz

How the Various Keyword Tools Operate And How They Can Help You Improve Website Visibility

1. Google Search suggestions

When you are searching for something on Google, you will notice that Google finishes your sentences or queries for you.

Every time Google finishes or makes a suggestion it does that by taking into account what other people are searching for.

This is vital for you because you can use that to write more content that is relatable to your niche.

The Advantages Of Using Google Suggestions As Your Keyword Research Tool

1. Its is quick and instant

Google suggestions can be accessed literally any time you write any keyword on the Google search engine. That makes Google suggestions quick and instant

2. Google suggestions are free

While most keyword research tools are paid for, Google suggestions can be accessed by anyone and they are literally free.

The Disadvantage Of Using Google Suggestions

Google suggestions has only one Major setback: it does not reveal keyword difficult, nor does it reveal rank. So it is hard to notice if you are targeting a keyword that will give you a hard time, or a keyword that will hardly bring any traffic to your website.

Remember, the goal is to increase website visibility, so targeting keywords that have very good traffic and also keywords that are easy to rank will greatly boost your online visibility.

2. Uber Suggest

What is Uber Suggest?

If you aren't new to the blogging business, Uber Suggest can't be something foreign to you.

Uber Suggest is a website that offers various tools that analyses your website and offer keyword suggestions for better ranking opportunities, similar to HREFT and Semrush.

Why Is Uber Suggest Beneficial For Website Visibility In 2022?

1. It Offers Unique Data

The results you will get from the scan of your website using the scan tools present on the Uber Suggest website are unique.

2. The Tool Is Easy To Use

The Uber Suggest website is quite easy to use and works best on desktops. It even has a guest scan, which you can use without providing any of your personal information to the website. This is awesome because other people are concerned about their privacy.

Note: the guest scanning count is just 3 scans.

Disadvantage Of Using Uber Suggest Online Website Tool As A Keyword Research Tool

Despite its notable power, and the many features it has, it's also good to state that Uber Suggest is not really a free tool.

It might give you 3 free scans per day, but that's how far you are allowed to go. To be able to use the tool again, you have to use another IP or wait until your 24hrs is over. And this is very frustrating.

To be able to enjoy unlimited features and keyword research opportunities, you are required to purchase the full paid version and you will be able to know which keywords you can write articles on. As a result, you can increase your website visibility.

Uber suggest also shows CPC alongside keyword difficulty. Using the tool lets you see how much a keyword is worth in terms of ad revenue.

For instance, here are the CPC values of some keywords based on their niches:

  1. Insurance ($61 CPC)
  2. Gas/Electricity ($58 CPC)
  3. Loans ($50 CPC)
  4. Mortgage ($46 CPC)
  5. Attorney ($48 CPC)
  6. Lawyer ($42 CPC)
  7. Donate ($42 CPC)
  8. Conference Call ($42 CPC)
  9. Degree ($40 CPC)
  10. Credit ($38 CPC)
  11. Treatment ($41 CPC)
  12. Software ($39 CPC)
  13. Classes ($36 CPC)
  14. Recovery ($34 CPC)
  15. Trading ($33 CPC)
  16. Rehab ($33 CPC)
  17. Hosting ($31 CPC)
  18. Transfer ($29 CPC)
  19. Cold Blood ($27 CPC)
  20. Claim ($25 CPC)

(CPC for Adsense, and according to American clicks)

3. is an online tool that can be used to scan keywords. Keywords are in two categories: long tail keywords and short tail keywords.

1. Long tail keywords

These types of keywords have 3 or more phrases in them and they are easy to target and rank because if someone wants to build quick website visibility, he or she can capitalize on long tail keywords.

Articles that are written and optimized for long tail keywords can be quickly indexed by Google and the search engine quickly sends traffic to them, once a long tail keyword is triggered in a search query.

2. Short tail keywords

These keywords are short and quite hard to rank for. Targeting short tail keywords like "Adsense", "finance", and "Google" is hard. One requires a very strong online presence to be visible on the internet once they are targeting short tail keywords.

A high Domain Authority and a high Page Authority is required for one to rank for a single tail keyword.

How Functions

  1. Open the website (click here)
  2. Select which platforms you want to scan keywords for
  3. If it's Google, select Google
  4. On the search tool, type in your search terms (long tail keywords or short tail keywords)
  5. It will then display all the search results.
  6. You can then copy all the right keywords and start writing useful content around them.

Disadvantages Of Using Keyword.Io

  1. It costs money to reveal all the results
  2. It doesn't show traffic count in the free version
  3. It requires registration

Effectively using to help you increase visibility can be done by using the tool in keyword research and writing in-depth articles around those keywords.


This tool is similar to Uber suggest but it offers a little bit more. The free version is still great, as it shows you backlinks and also something called DR (Domain Rating). The higher your Domain Rating (DR), the higher your website visibility.

Explore this tool as it might help you learn what you need to write and where you can get useful backlinks.

5. Semrush Keyword Research Tool

Semrush has many similar features to HREFT; it does almost the very same things. To use its keyword tool, simply open the "keyword tool" section and you can scan other people's domains to see what you can rank for. Make sure you take full advantage, and you can easily grow your website visibility by writing on things your competition missed.


Moz is an online tool that is similar to Semrush. Moz has a keyword tool, and it also has a backlink analysis tool. You can access the backlink analysis tool through this link:

Moz domain analysis

To scan your website, simply import the domain URL and it will reveal a lot about your website, such as:

Websites that are similar to your website

Your branded keywords

How To Take Advantage Of Moz.Com Keyword Domain Analysis Results

Take note of the keywords you are ranking for and the Google snippets you have scored, and write in-depth articles around them.

The more Articles you write on the topics you are ranking for, the more your website visibility score is going to increase.

6. Hire SEO Freelancers To Help Boost Your Website Visibility

Website visibility can also be boosted by hiring freelancers who will optimize your articles so that they can rank higher in various search results.

Websites that have articles which aren't optimized for certain types of keywords cannot rank high in search results. Therefore, the website visibility will always be low.

Where Can You Get Honest Freelancers For Hire?

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a nice place to find people you can hire. Always look for people you can afford and also check the reviews so that you aren't scammed.

Why Is Fiverr A Good Place To Hire an SEO Specialist

  1. It is user friendly
  2. It has a lot of active users
  3. You are less likely to be scammed

2. Upwork

Upwork is also a great place where you can hire an SEO specialist who can help you boost your website Visibility by optimizing your articles to rank for certain keywords.

Advantages of Upwork

It is reliable as you are less likely to be scammed

It has a lot of active freelancers; so, many people are more likely going to accept your jobs

7. Website Visibility Can Also be increased Via Paid Ads

Ads are a great way to promote anything online. You can run ads on places like:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. Google
  5. Twitter

All these can help your website visibility grow, as a lot of people will take notice of your website by coming across your ads.

Read this article on how to run ads on Instagram

Read also this article on how to grow on YouTube using YouTube shorts.

In Conclusion

Website visibility can determine whether your business is going to be successful or not since a website that has poor visibility is hardly ever seen or visited.

Take your time and invest your energy and money, if required, to improve your website visibility if you want to become successful in the digital marketing industry.

A recap of what you can do to increase website visibility:

  1. In-depth articles
  2. Proper SEO practices
  3. Hiring digital marketing specialists
  4. Increasing Domain Authority and Page Authority
  5. Hiring SEO freelancers
  6. Doing proper keyword research before posting
  7. Sharing posts on various social media websites to score do-follow backlinks
  8. Get local recognition by joining podcasts and radio shows
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