Why Do Companies Blog

Why Do companies Blog?

Ever wondered the reason why companies blog? Why big comparations like Facebook would like to hire people to write about their products and services and why do all big firms even those that are just startups invest in bloggers and they all own blogs?
why do companies blog

In this article, I will answer all your important questions that deal with why companies blog.

What is blogging?

Blogging in simple terms is the act of writing informative or any type of articles and posting them on a website called a blog website, the one who posts the articles can either be a blog admin who has permission to approve articles.

why do companies blog

The author of a blog post is called a blogger. Bloggers are the creators of Content on a blogging website. In other words, blogging is like writing articles online on a simple website where articles are written.

Why is blogging important for companies?

That brings us to our next question, since you have an idea of what blogging is all about, that it's simply writing and posting articles on a website. 

Now it's time to know why this very action is important and why big corporations like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have their very own blogs and also hired bloggers.

To know the importance we just have to look widely at the importance of writing.

Why is writing about a company important

The first importance of blogging to Companies is that it saves as a valid information source for news updates and other things. In our world, we are prone to consuming or getting in contact with fake news every time we turn around. 

And this makes it very hard for us to gain real news or legitimate news. Companies have their own blogging sites or blogs because the information which they showcase there is considered more trustworthy than getting the same kind of information on foreign websites. 

Because of blogs, trustworthy news agencies look up to them as valid sources of information. For instance, if you could go to the BBC website, and browse through multiple articles mostly in the technology category you will learn that they cite some sources as "from their blog they wrote"

This assures readers that the information they are reading is trustworthy. So blogs are important to companies because they offer news agencies and other sources of trustworthy information.

why do companies blog

Another reason why companies blog, is because they would like to keep their audiences and fans updated. Remember whenever Facebook or meta blogs it's always writing to inform. 

Those updates are necessary because they do a great job at informing the public about the change in policy or new features that a company like meta or Microsoft has introduced.

This usage of blogging also leads us to another reason, why companies blog, we have seen them be a great source for trust Worthy information, we have also seen them being used to updating audiences on new updates and features or even about policy changes.

Blogs are also used by Companies to promote the Company positive image. Digital marketing is all about how well you market and how well you present yourself to the public. 

Blogs do just that, they are a PR TOOL (public relations tool) used to shape people's perceptions and they do it very well. 

For example, remember the time Facebook or meta was receiving tones of backslash from trying to create its own money called Lebra? The idea wasn't well-received by people as you would suggest, many news outlets and other bloggers decided to write against the development. 

meta like any reasonable cooperation turned to its various blogs to back up its development and reshape people's opinions.

From, posting things to update the audience, to using blogs to reshape a person's opinion  blogs can also be used to maintain a Company's relevance

There is nothing that says you are more passionate about your things than blogging about it. In fact blogging is really about Passion without passion there would be little to no blog posts. 

Companies blog because they want to show that they have passion, that they are alive and present and this ultimately means they are going to stay relevant and continue growing as a profitable business.

The last thing why companies blog is because it shows the business is alive and also blogs can be an alternative source to gain self help support online.  

Blogs like AdSense blog or adsterra blogs have tones of secrets they write and guidelines to how to use their various services. 

A person who needs help setting up an Adsense account can just follow through the process written on their blog site by a google blogger and they will get assisted.

In conclusion, 
The reasons why companies blog is the following, to inform the public, to maintain relevance, to share people's opinions, to also show passion and lastly, blogs act as a guideline to assist people in understanding a service or a product. 

If you have a start-up, or if you want to want to boost your business presence take advantage of the blogging benefits of blogging.
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