5 Online Reputation Management Tools

5 Online Reputation Management Tools

Wondering what the 5 tools are which you can use to monitor your online reputation  as a digital marketer? Well, Wonder no further as this article will review to you some of the top reputation management tools which digital marketers use to understand there influence across various platforms.

1. Facebook Creator Studio

Point to note, various platforms have different ways of showing people their reputation stats, for instance Facebook has Facebook pages which gives you a daily report, a monthly report and also a custom report that accounts to multiple years, whenever you request of it. 

This tool is accessed via desktop browser, when you visit Facebook (desktop version) click Creator studio. On Facebook this is how you can measure your influence and understand what is working for you and what isn't. 

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Facebook also offers you a chance to download various page data in form of CVG so that you can later study and analysis it and make Vital choice that will help you to grow.

A small version of this feature can be accessed on any Facebook page, and that section is called page insights. Page insights are a great technology that Facebook uses to reveal how much impact a page has had in 28 days. 

Facebook page insights will also present to you data like, which gender follows you the most, which country gives you more likes and so on.

This data is vital to you as a digital marketer because, eventually it will help you make sound decisions as you tend to understand the geomorphic  of your audience.

2.  YouTube Studio (found on YouTube)

Another reputation management tool which digital marketers use to understand their influence is YouTube Studios. This tool is mostly found on YouTube and it helps digital marketers who are into the video footage industry to understand the impact of their videos and how their audiences are reacting to them.

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The reaction might be actual likes and dislikes, might be how well the videos are able to retain audiences and so on, YouTube Studio present simplified data in from of typographically stunning presentation, for instance there are line graphs that shows a video progress and performance. 

YouTube studio to can be used to check if a digital Video campaign is working and also see if it needs adjusting. 

If you are a digital marketer, and you are into YouTube, always check your YouTube studio or download the mobile version to help you out when ever you want to examine and understand your online presence.

3. Google Search Console

Google is king when it comes to search traffic data, and when you are a digital marketer who is also into blogging Google search console tool is a must have or a must know tool for you. 

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Google search console reveals a lot about your online reputation or in technical terms, visibility. In fact, if you might have a visibility issue on your website, Google search console will notify you via emails saying you should fix, the problem you are facing because they might therefore, lead to a loss of influence.

Google search console doesn't only stop there but it shows you the keywords that are Ranking in your blog or websites that have been indexed on Google. 

These keywords might either need supporting follow ups or even be completely change. This is why Google search concole is a great tool used by most Digital marketing agencies around the world when they want to monitor their influence and impact.

 4. Semrush  , Moz and HREFT

These legendary reputation management tools almost serve a similar purpose and that is to notify digital marketing personals of their influence on places their might improve, Maintain or conquer. 

For instance when you on, a website, these tools do more than just show you how powerful your website is in terms of PA and DA which stand for Page authority and  Domain Authority. 

No they do more than this, they are able to show which backlinks will increase your reputation or visibility online so that you can make the best choice and continue having impact as a digital marketer 

Just a brief history on what PA and Domain Authority is...

PA represents the power or the trustworthiness that your particular page has of being ranked by Google and it might also suggest which Google page a particular keyword you want to rank for will land on. 

The higher your PA score the better your chances of getting better results which shall reflect on your Google search console and eventually lead to more visitors in addition sales.

In addition DA represents your Domain power, various domains have varying degrees of power respectively. No one Domain is the same unless they are in the same rank. 

When another website cites your website that website gives you some of it's power and google takes this as a vote of confidence, the more domains that link to you the more likely your website will be considered valuable. 

The more valuable your website is the more influence you will have.

So when reputation management tools like semrush, and Moz reveal your Domain Authority they are usually showing you how much influence and impact your particular website has and it's likelihood to be ranked on page one of Google.

5. Social media websites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube+)

I can list all of them below here, and yes they are tools digital Marketers use to determine, influence. How? Simple follower count, the more followers you have the more influence you impose.

The more subscribers you have the more likely you have impact, the more likes shares and reactions you get on a post the more likely it is of you to have influence and power. 

In fact, Twitter was made initially as a tool, to show people's status in society and that is why those who are famous and rich life on Twitter usually revolves around them. 

All social media website carry this approach in their, algorithm. In order, for a digital marketer to know and measure their influence they should see if they are gaining followers or losing them.

To conclude

There are a number of reputation management tools which people use to see their influence online, all these tools work indifferent ways but the most popular ones are YouTube studio, Facebook studio, Google search console, moz, and every Social media that has status segregation in it's algorithm.

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