Why Advertising Video Is Important In 2024

Why  Advertising Video Is Important In 2024

We all know what videos are, and how persuasive they can get. Advertising Videos have become popular and phenomenal in our time because of their ability to influence and also manage to gain a longer attention span of audiences.

When did advertising video start and why does it matter for digital marketing in 2024

The pivot roles that advertising video play in today's media and their involvement in digital marketing is endless. Videos started when people first realized how they could capture motion pictures. 

Motion pictures are a series of pictures that create the illusion of movement. And this brought about the rise of narrative storytelling in form of firms. As the technology involved so did people's means widen on using videos for something more meaningful like digital adverting.

Video advertising could simply be understood as the act of using motion pictures to tell a persuasive story that is aimed at promoting a certain product or service.

Why should all digital marketers take advantage of an advertising video

Like i have stated earlier, there are a number of reasons why, digital adverting is very necessary and could be a great feature for your brand or successful ads campaign.

These are the following reasons why you should adopt video adverting as your campaign strategy

1. Videos Attract More People

A lot of people can be attracted and are attracted to videos, an advertising videos which are beautifully made, can easily attract a wide range of audience and this will ultimately lead to gaining more sales for your product

2. Videos Offer A More Memorable Experience

Videos don't easily die out in audiences' minds, a movie or music video that resonates with the audience because of being well made, shall be remembered for a very long time.

So this will be good for your brand visibility as people will remember you because they got exposed to an advertising video ads you made. They will relay the message to their friends and families all these activities will make it, possible for your business to grow.

3. An Advertising Video Increases Brand Visibility

I have talked of an advertising video Making your brand memorable, and it's also important to know that this will definitely boost the visibility of your company's online presence. 

Most professional digital Marketers know this and create video adverts with the aim of increasing brand visibility. Videos work like magic, the moment you find the right formula many things will start going well and you will achieve your adverting goals of increasing sales and gaining more clients for your product.

4. An Adverting Video Is Very Convenient On Most Social Media Platforms

Most social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter value adverting video a lot, and they are not wrong to do so. Because video adverting most of the time delivers what it is expected to deliver. 

When you use Video adverting as a digital marketer you are most likely going to get increased sales and signups for videos are good at persuading potential customers.

5. Using Adverting Video In 2024 Shows Your Passionate

Videos are somewhat of a Status symbol, companies who advertise using videos are considered, professional and at times more trustworthy. 

With videos, you have the chance to flex your budget, be able to their stars, show your product in a visually interesting way, and also you are able to show to your potential customers or clients to be, that you are passionate.

Because creating a Video is slightly more intense, than using picture ads. People tend to understand your energy and they will begin to appreciate you a lot more. 

Every digital marketer needs to look into the psychological impacts that videos adverting has on their audiences.

6. Adverting Video Easily Elevates Our Status In Your Niche

A well-made video advert is meant to be beautifully crafted, communication has to be on point and ethical. Though it can't always be trustworthy as persuasive.

Communication tends to drift a bit off from the truth; ultimately, a well-made video advert shall propel your video to the top as it will manage to send a memorable promotion message to your audience. 

In addition to this, it will elevate your status in your niche because you will gain more clients and your competition will start respecting you.

How To Make A Video Advert Using Simple Tools

I can not talk about video production without briefing you on how you can try to make a video advert as a digital marketer in 2024

Simple every video requires these necessarily equipment, a good phone or any recording device, any good audio recording device and also you need a plan or a script. 

Remember, you are recording and creating a video advert to persuade people in buying your good and services. Therefore, a script is necessary as to coordinate your persuasion.

Here is a list of what you need to do in order to create a video ad

1. A recording software

2. A recording of advice

3. A plan or script

4. Place to post your advert

5. A budget to run your Ad campaign

6. Collect data on video performance

What would a successful advertising video campaign accomplish?

Adverting, in its basics, It's usually persuasive communication to promote a certain good, product or service. Therefore a successful video Ad campaign will  help you

1. Increase sales

2. Increase brand awareness

3. Make your brand memorable

4. Help you rise above competition

5. Make you look professional

6. Increase credibility

7. Make you look passionate

A small Advertising Video tip

Make sure you take advantage of trends and also when adverting sometimes it's important to practice the act of product placement which involves putting video adverts in places like movies and having them blend in so well with the context that they become part of the narrative plot.

The more relatable a Video adverting campaign is, the more likely it is going to achieve its desired purpose.

In Conclusion.

Video technology has come a long way; Today in 2024, we are reaping the benefits, of a technology that took centuries to develop. 

Every digital marketer needs to take advantage of video advertising, failure to do so, would mean he risks losing market credibility and capitalisation. 

An Advertising Video will generate more sales when properly employed. What are you waiting for? You have no time to waste... Start creating videos now!.
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