What Are The Digital Marketing Trends

What are the digital marketing trends?

Digital marketing is forever changing, almost nothing stays constant in this industry, what is popular now won't be popular forever and one needs to adjust to forever changing world.

Changes come in as generational interests shifts and lifestyle shits and sometimes when culture orient to other things. For a digital marketer to be successful he needs to know and stay updated about the times. This is vital because it will assure success.

What are the digital marketing trends

The Digital marketing industry is brutal at times, if one fails in marketing their company however rich will seize being successful and shall eventually die out. 

The death of a company is a hard blow to deal with for any digital marketer as the poor reputation you pick up from a failed project or program tends to follow you wherever you go. 

This article has been written to try and show you the latest digital marketing trends of 2024, so that you shouldn't make any mistakes by missing out on what might be helpful for you and your company because your digital marketing career might depend on the information of this article.

What are the digital marketing trends

Again it's important to be alert and always try your best to find innovative new ways to stay on top of your game.

Now let me dive into the latest digital marketing trends of 2024.

1. TikTok videos

2. Memes

3. YouTube shorts

4. Facebook/ Instagram  reels

5. Clickbait articles

6. SEO videos and SEO articles

7. Influencer promotions

8. Blog posts

9. Social media influencing

11. Paid ads 

12. Movie product placements

Now let's go deep into every digital marketing trend of 2024 in maximum details

 1.  TikTok videos

TikTok is a huge website, though a lot might hate for its attachments to China and deem it a security threat overlooking this TikTok is still a very decent website that can help boost product sales and brand visibility. 

Putting a link of your product on your TikTok bio would get it exposed to thousands of people a day, a lot of new social media stars have called TikTok a home due to its ability to go viral.

Any digital marketer who knows how life is at the moment wouldn't overlook the potential that TikTok has, TikTok has very big potential so much so that, it even overtook Google as the most visited the website on a certain day, Google the search engine which is found almost Everywhere was overtaken by TikTok.

Why others might hate TikTok and why this might be a grand mistake?

Some don't have a soft spot for TikTok and this will lead to their own downfall as TikTok is by far the most, popular website today with tones of young traffic and audiences, meaning TikTok is the future, these young people will grow with TikTok as it's appealing to them.

What are the digital marketing trends

How to do and enhance your digital Marketing skills on TikTok?

Basically, you can try and gain a massive fan base by posting advice on digital marketing you can also look up to people who are doing the same to gain more skills. 

Plus if you want to use TikTok to generate more product sales all you have to do is, put your product link on the bio and do a Video about it. If for instance, 1,000,000 people watch your video about 1,000 of them would be interested in buying your product.

What are the digital marketing trends

TikTok like any Media house can also be used to reshape people's opinions over a product just be creative and a lot of things are bound to go your way, the more memorable you are the better it will be for you your online business.

 2. Memes

Memes are a viral trend, it's in their very definition, I have used them so many times to gain a massive following on both YouTube and Facebook. It's easy to use them, simply repost a viral meme and you will go viral as well, there is no crime in reposting content on YouTube, or Facebook as long as that content is a meme.

In fact, this strategy is so great that the chance of you going viral is extremely high. Instead of wasting tons of money to reach people you can simply post a meme and watch it bring you tones of people to your platform, or service.

As a digital marketer, you are required to at least know how to successfully make memes or upload them, everyone else is doing it Elon Musk is doing it. Literally, everyone else, in 2024 digital marketing using memes is the norm that isn't going out sooner or later.

 3. YouTube shorts

YouTube shorts are also a viral phenomenon like TikTok. YouTube shorts are Google's response to the rising success of TikTok. This Chinese owned media company ( TikTok) is concerned the online Video industry and google noticing a threat to its industry decided to create a clone which is called YouTube shorts. 

YT shorts are a great way to gain attention for your brand as they can reach thousands of viewers in less than an hour. This is a perfect marketing opportunity and it doesn't require much skill.

To be successful at using YouTube shorts a digital marketer has to understand the time most of his traffic is online and what kind of content would get them to subscribe or buy a service once that works, he can continue to milk it until it runs dry.

4. Facebook/ Instagram reels

Facebook again made a TikTok clone, now you can see why TikTok is the most powerful digital marketing trend of  2024. Companies like Google and Facebook have felt the need to clone it. 

Here is how reels work.

When you upload reels on Instagram it also appears on Facebook so you are able to gain a massive following or manage to gain a high number of sales for your service because you are able to reach a lot of people. 

 5. Clickbait Articles

These infamous articles have also made it to our list because it's impossible to spend 10 hours online mostly scrolling down on Facebook without encountering one clickbait Article.

These Articles are designed to cheat people into Clicking something they were not supposed to, why is this a digital marketing trend? Because 70% of the time it actually works you will gain an audience from this and it's also nice to learn how you can effectively do it.

I will end this article here, there is a lot more to be said and I will write a follow-up article on the other digital marketing trends of 2024.

In conclusion

I suggest you take advantage of memes, reels, YouTube shorts, Facebook and Instagram reels, and also clickbait articles if you would want to keep maintaining your relevance online this 2024.
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