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The Mafia Fighting Speaker Could Die In Their Own Movie

Anita Annet Among is a Ugandan, an Accountant, a Lawyer, and a Politician who has been serving as the Speaker of the 11th Parliament of Uganda since 2022. She's also the Bukedea Constituency Woman MP in parliament.

Where as there have been allegations and rumors from mafia groups of individuals involved in Uganda's politics sharply opposed to Anita Among's leadership.

A political commenter Akampa Tanbull says - "The mafia fighting Speaker Anita Among will die in their own movie

 It's essential to note that our intelligence reports have discovered that most of these claims are false while others are twisted for selfish gains based on the  concrete evidence  gathered by a team of private investigator's collaborating with investigators at Tanbull256 and other intelligence agencies with in Uganda and abroad.

Our intelligence investigations have discovered that certain individual groups (whose names we will not disclose now) with insignificant economic interests towards growth, are dissatisfied with Among's stance on various issues, such as reigning over 11th Parliament with over 88% support from Members of Parliament, being able to deliver some of the opposition big shots to President Museveni at no cost compared to what others have always asked for, passing a number of bills in a short period of time, not giving contracts and tenders and resource allocations through Parliament. 

These disgruntled individuals or groups are there fore  using various tactics, including propaganda and deformation campaigns, to undermine her authority and influence.

Notably, Ugandan politics is often characterized by intense rivalry, power struggles, and accusations of corruption, among others the mafia fighting Speaker Anita are also within National Resistance Movement (NRM), some see her as a threat to the transition question that she might become a stumbling block to their power struggles since she is too close to the President.

Many of them wanted businesses, tenders, contracts in their favor, others wanted jobs for themselves oŕ sons and daughters where all this did not materialize due to legitimacy.

So together with some activists being bankrolled by groups from abroad because of Anita Among's strong stand against the Anti Homosexuality's Bill, they decided to point the guns to Speaker Among, to achieve portraying Parliament as a weak institution not delivering on the mandate of legislation .

Their fears are to see her bounce back as Speaker of the 12th Parliament. 

The war for Speaker Anita Among has just started...and she was visibly the target in the #ParliamentExhibition we expect more to come.

We will provide more extracts from this intelligence report."

~AKAMPA Tanbull 
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