How To Grow In Digital Marketing Using YouTube Shorts

How To Grow In Digital Marketing Using YouTube Shorts

More and more websites have decided to clone the success of TikTok.

How To Grow In Digital Marketing Using YouTube Shorts

YouTube, the Google-owned company, decided it won't sit around and do nothing while Instagram has Reels and ByteDance has TikTok. So it created its own version of TikTok which it calls YouTube Shorts.

What is YouTube Shorts, Or What Are They?

YouTube Shorts can be defined as short videos that are uploaded on YouTube, which have a resolution of 1080×1980 and a duration of about 5-60 seconds.

For your video to qualify as a YouTube short, it has to be short and the resolution needs to be 1080×1980.

Why are YouTube Shorts Important for Digital Marketing?

  1. They will help you get massive viewership

  2. They will help you get subscribers easily

  3. They will help re-awaken your old videos

  4. They will make you instantly popular

  5. They are a trend so it's easy to grow with them

  6. YouTube shorts don't require much time to create

  7. YouTube shorts grow easily

  8. YouTube shorts can help you reach new people

  9. YouTube shorts can help you boost revenue

  10. YouTube shorts can help you get YouTube bonuses

How to Create and Upload a YouTube Short?

How To Grow In Digital Marketing Using YouTube Shorts

You can create or record a YouTube Short by simply taking a vertical video with your phone and follow these steps when uploading on YouTube:

  1. Download the YouTube app

  2. Select Upload

  3. Select Short

  4. Select time (it's usually 15s to 60s)

  5. Select the video in your gallery

  6. Let the video process

  7. Make adjustments

  8. Add text if necessary

  9. Write your video title followed by the “#short” hashtag

  10. Finish uploading your video

  11. Enjoy watching it, plus don't forget to share with your friends

How to Make Shorts Get 1,000 Viewers in Just 10 Minutes?

  1. Make sure 40+ people like your video

  2. Make sure people are commenting on your video

  3. Make sure people react to your video

  4. Make sure people are watching to the very end and also replaying your video

  5. Make sure you give it a good title to get people hooked so that they watch your video.

The Reasons Why YouTube Shorts Are Helping Small Channels Grow

  1. Shorts are easy to make

  2. Shorts get massive viewership in a short time

  3. When a short is done right it might easily go viral

  4. YouTube is also paying money (bonuses) for Shorts uploads, hence helping small channel owners

How will YouTube Shorts Help You get Massive Viewership and Also Promote Your Digital Marketing Brand?

Uploading a Short is quite an easy task, and once the YouTube algorithm picks your video up, it might show it to thousands of people in a short period of time, therefore making your content grow and giving your digital marketing business some airtime.

How will YouTube Shorts Help You Gain More Subscribers Easily?

People who watch your videos and click on the subscribe button are going to be a lot, since many of them are watching your videos.

There’s one thing to note, though: YouTube shorts are very poor at retaining subscribers since sometimes these people do not watch more than 1 Minute of your videos, so make sure they are able to watch at least 1 minute of your content before they can subscribe to your YouTube channel.

How Will YouTube Shorts Help Reawaken Your Older Videos?

Older YouTube videos sometimes do not get many viewers because the algorithm might be looking for something newer and fresh to recommend to its viewers. So, to be able to drive some traffic to your previous videos, YouTube Shorts are very helpful.

Once people start liking your YouTube shorts, they will be recommended to watch your other videos, hence Shorts help in re-awakening your old videos on YouTube.

How Will YouTube Shorts Make You An Instant Super Star?

YouTube shorts work wonders. When done right, you can get up to over 300,000 viewers per day or more. When your YouTube Shorts video goes viral you will be an instant super star.

Why Are YouTube Shorts A Trend, And How Are They Going To Help You Grow?

How To Grow In Digital Marketing Using YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are a trend because, nowadays, people just want instant gratification, and once that's done, they jump onto the next video.

They will help you grow because, once you upload a YouTube Short, you will get much more viewership.

Why Don't YouTube Shorts Require Much Time To Create?

YouTube shorts, unlike main YouTube videos, aren't that labor-intensive, so they do not require much time to create.

You can simply record on your phone and upload, so the process is somewhat instant, with little editing involved.

How Do YouTube Shorts Easily Grow?

YouTube shorts are relatively a new concept, so the Shorts algorithm is quite unpredictable, as it is still learning what to show people and when.

This makes it ideal because it sometimes gives people thousands of viewers in mere minutes.

How Can YouTube Shorts Help You Connect With New People?

How To Grow In Digital Marketing Using YouTube Shorts

Every new innovation brings with it new kinds of people who are interested in the latest development. YouTube Shorts is one such innovation. It's fast, instant and quite different from the traditional YouTube norm.

Creating and uploading a YouTube short will help you gain massive views, and most of those will be new audiences.

How Can YouTube Shorts Help You Boost Revenue?

YouTube Shorts help boost revenue because they are able to awaken sleeping videos by providing them with traffic. Therefore, your revenue grows.

How Can YouTube Shorts Help You Gain YouTube Bonus?

YouTube has created a program called YouTube Shorts fund. It pays people approximately $100-$10,000, and every successful Shorts creator stands a chance of earning money from this program if they are uploading original content and they are in eligible countries.


In Conclusion

YouTube shorts are quite amazing and you should try them out, or you will miss out on many things. Now is the time when you have to become a content creator. There is no better time than today.

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