How To Grow A Facebook Page in 2024

How To Grow A Facebook Page in 2024

Do you find growing a Facebook page hard? Is it difficult for you to reach millions of viewers per month? A lot of people do indeed find growing a Facebook page hard and most fail to reach 1,000 likes.

How To Grow A Facebook Page

But don't worry much because this blog post will reveal to you how you can reach your first 1,000 Facebook page likes and grow your Facebook page to millions of visitors monthly.

Why is Growing a Facebook Page Important?

Here are the 10 reasons why growing a Facebook page is important:

  1. Growing a Facebook page helps you connect with new clients
  2. Growing a Facebook page helps you attract more followers
  3. Growing a Facebook page helps you gain respect
  4. Growing a Facebook page helps you earn more Ad revenue 
  5. Growing a Facebook page helps increase your business' digital marketing reputation
  6. Growing your Facebook page will increase your visibility online
  7. Growing your Facebook page helps you gain good sponsorship deals
  8. Growing your Facebook page makes you a social media influencer
  9. Growing a Facebook page helps you earn respect
  10. Growing a Facebook page helps you grow your other social media accounts

The Top 8 Methods To Use When Growing A Facebook Page

 1.  Share Facebook Page Posts To Facebook Groups

Facebook hides most of its free traffic in Facebook groups. Read this article on How to Grow A Facebook Group.

If you don't want to struggle in creating your own Facebook group you can simply join public Facebook groups that allow everyone to post.

Once you join these public Facebook Groups, simply share your Facebook page posts to these public Facebook groups and many of its members might like your page. Hence you will be able to grow it.

 2.  Grow A Facebook Page Using Memes

In our previous articles we talked about The Top Digital marketing trends of 2024, and using memes was one of the methods provided. Memes can help you to grow easily in the digital marketing world, since memes are viral content which people re-share, and hence they reach millions of people in a short period of time.

Try and find funny memes which you can post on your Facebook page. Memes which are related to the overall content of your page can be especially helpful since you can attract a community of people who actually care about everything else on your page. When you post those memes you will start seeing your page grow: 
  1. Facebook page likes will increase
  2. Facebook page reach will increase
  3. Facebook post engagement will increase 
  4. Facebook post shares and comments will increase

 3. Grow Your Facebook Page by Tagging Friends and Family

Use your Facebook friends to your advantage. Facebook allows you to tag people in your Facebook page posts, so use the tag feature to your own advantage.

When you are posting on your Facebook page, tag as many friends as you can. That way the post will reach as many people as possible.

You can also tell your friends to tag other people and instruct them to share your Facebook page's posts to various Facebook groups.

 4.  Hiring A Marketing Agency to Grow Your Facebook Page

In our previous article, The Best digital marketing Agencies in USA, we revealed the best digital marketing agency you can contact, if you want to be successful in your digital marketing journey.

The only downside to using digital marketing agencies to help you grow your Facebook page is that it is costly.

Most digital marketing agencies charge about $40-100 per hour. Hopefully, you could be able to afford such an expense.

How To Grow A Facebook Page


5. Buying Facebook Page Ads to Grow Your Facebook Page

You can boost posts on Facebook by buying Facebook ads, and this will help your Facebook posts to reach more people. 

Whenever you make a post, Facebook gives you an option to "boost" that post, so that with a little amount of money the Facebook page post can reach more people.

Advertising simply means the promotion of a product or service.

On Facebook you will be able to advertise easily by clicking the 
"Boost Post" option.

Once you click the Boost Post option, you will be taken to your Facebook ad management section, where you can set up your ads. 

Purchasing Facebook ads for your Facebook page will grow your Facebook Page because Facebook ads increase post reach.

 6.  Paying Other Pages to Advertise Your Page on their Pages

It's no secret that those who might have started their Facebook Pages earlier are probably way ahead of you in terms of page likes, post reach and engagement. 

This shouldn't discourage you, though; simply reach out to other page owners and ask them to promote your page for you. Some might ask you to pay them but as long as you find it beneficial then there is no problem in doing so.

Asking other big Facebook pages to promote your small Facebook page on their platform will help you gain more likes, more followers, more viewers and page reach, hence growing your Facebook page.

 7. Paying Influencers to Promote Your Page on their Platforms

Influencers are everywhere nowadays and you can take advantage of this.

To grow a Facebook page, try reaching out to Facebook influencers who will be willing to help you out by talking about your Facebook page to their fans.

Doing so will help increase your Facebook page visibility, hence your page will grow.

Read also this article to know other Digital Marketing Trends of 2024 which you can utilize

 8. Invite Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

Facebook pages have an "invite all your friends to like Facebook page" option.

Locate it in your Facebook page menu option, and after finding it click on it to invite every one of your friends so that your Facebook page can grow quickly.


9.  Host Paid Competitions

Paid competitions are one of the best ways to grow a Facebook page.

Offer something special to your audience. That way they may keep looking at your Facebook page, for potential competitions which will give them nice rewards.

How To Grow A Facebook Page

In Conclusion

Growing a Facebook page might seem hard but it can be done. Try practicing the above methods and it won't take very long for your page to start reaching millions of people in a month.

A recap of the best methods for growing a Facebook page: 
  1. Invite friends
  2. Tag friends
  3. Host a competition
  4. Hire a digital marketing agency
  5. Post memes
  6. Share posts to Facebook groups
  7. Buy Facebook ads
  8. Promote page on other pages
  9. Pay an influencer to promote your page for you.

Thank you for reading this article. You might also be interested in How to Grow A Facebook Page
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