How To Fix Adsense Low Value Content

How To Fix Adsense Low Value Content

Google AdSense is a great ad publisher, which a lot of people want to be a part of. Joining it results in many benefits. For example, you get paid by Google on the 21st of each month every time you reach the Google AdSense payment threshold of $100.

How To Fix Adsense Low Value Content

The 10 Things That Make Google AdSense Desirable

  1. It is user friendly 

  2. Google AdSense provides responsive ads that are flexible, and adaptable to almost any device, such as mobile phones, desktop screens, and tablets. This responsive feature of Google ads makes them suitable for people to apply and use.

  3. They offer quality ads

  4. They don't delay payments

  5. They have decent revenue rates

  6. They make websites appear professional

  7. They act as a ticket of being accepted by other ad services like Media Net 

  8. Google AdSense ads are easy to setup

  9. Google AdSense ads have tons of tutorials online

  10. Google AdSense ads offer an earn-per-ad click method
  11. Google AdSense pays on the 21st of each month.

What is the “Low-Value Content” AdSense Rejection Response?


When you sign up for AdSense and request approval, it is not always the case that you get accepted or approved. Thousands of website owners also want AdSense, and Google AdSense gets over 10,000 partner requests per day.

Not all these websites make it through, though, because not all of them are qualified for AdSense approval.

AdSense has several rejection responses it gives out to unsuccessful applicants. One of those errors is that of “Low-Value Content

What Does the “Low-Value Content” AdSense Rejection Mean?

This means that the posts you make aren't ranking well on the Google search engine. It might also mean that your website needs to have more articles.

It might also happen because your posts have fewer backlinks to and from other websites. Like when you write, you can refer back to existing articles from another blog or website that talk about the same topic you're trying to address. 

Some of these referred articles are really rich in content, some with videos embedded. So your blog post may not have everything but can refer to another.

What's The Recommended Amount Of Articles To Have On A Blog Before You Can Apply For AdSense?


You can apply for AdSense approval when you have authored at least 28 to 30 articles.

Make sure these Articles have at least 1,000 words and that they are unique.

The 10 Things You Can Try To Fix The Low-Value Content Adsense Rejection Response

  1. Rebrand your website (get a new logo)

  2. Write over 28 articles

  3. Get backlinks to help your website rank

  4. Get some engagement on your website in terms of comments

  5. Create a social media page for your site and make it look professional

  6. Write in-depth articles

  7. Write articles that are unique and avoid common things

  8. Make sure your website is always online to get the maximum amount of readers on your page

  9. Proof-read your articles and make sure you don't have grammatical mistakes

  10. Make sure your Articles are compliant with AdSense rules

  11. How To Fix Adsense Low Value Content

Why the Low-Value Content AdSense Rejection Response Hurts

As a website owner, you desire to be accepted by Google AdSense, and being rejected by Google AdSense hurts because it feels like a huge step backwards from being able to earn money online.

Follow the above tips to help you fix your AdSense Low-Value Content error.

AdSense might at times seem hard to get into but it's really not that hard, all you need is to write and publish more (and higher quality) content on Your website and you will be approved by Google AdSense.

You might also like to read this article on “How to Get approved by Google AdSense in 2022” and “How to grow a Facebook page likes.”

In Conclusion

Being rejected by Google AdSense is not the end of the world, as there are many ad publishers out there that might pay you equally well.

And if the error it gives you is “Low-Value Content”, that means you just need to write more articles, and once most of them get published and indexed on the Google search engine, you will then be approved.

A recap of the 10 things that make Google AdSense desirable:

  1. Payments are issued on the 21st, monthly

  2. Money can be sent directly to the bank (wire transfer)

  3. Google ads make your website look more professional

  4. Google AdSense helps you earn money from your hard work

  5. Google AdSense is user friendly

  6. Google AdSense has tons of tutorials online to help you get Started

  7. Google AdSense ads are easy to setup

  8. Google AdSense approval is relatively easier than Ezoic

  9. Google AdSense ads act as a ticket to being accepted by other ad providers

Now is a recap of the 10 things you can do to resolve the Google AdSense rejection response of “Low-Value Content”:

  1. Write more articles

  2. Write things that get indexed

  3. Write good Articles

  4. Fix grammar

  5. Rebrand your website

  6. Fix website logo

  7. Publish more than 28 articles

  8. Get backlinks from other websites

  9. Increase social reach to boost website traffic

Thank you for reading this article, hopefully, it will help you in earning money online by being a partner with Google AdSense.


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