How To Run Ads On Facebook For Free

How To Run Ads On Facebook For Free

Digital marketing can help you grow your business to new heights, but success never comes without constant effort. 

How  To Run Ads On Facebook For Free

The people you see with a massive fan base on Facebook managed to get those people through constantly trying and building.

yet to build a successful career and gain a massive fan base on social media like Facebook, one requires basic digital marketing technic. 

How To Run Ads On Facebook For Free Best Practices

Yes, you can run ads on Facebook for free, in this blog article I will reveal to you how I manage to run free ads on Facebook.

How to run ads on Facebook for free?

1. Open a Facebook account or login into an already existing one

2. Start a Facebook page (it's free to Create)

3. Set your page up nicely

5. Categorize your page as music/band

6. Join public groups with over 100,000 members 

7. Your profile posts should always be in the public

8. Post funny meme pictures on your blog

9. Share the meme pictures to your  mega groups

This is basically the best way to go and you can reach a massive audience without spending a dime on paid Social media advertisements.

For someone who is still new to this free Facebook ad running concept allow me to elaborate further!

How  To Run Ads On Facebook For Free

Creating A Facebook Account

You need to create your free Facebook account and this can be achieved by visiting the official Facebook website page and signing up. 

Facebook registration requires you to have an active mobile number, and for additional security, it might also require you to link your email account.

Creating A Facebook Page

Facebook pages are more effective for those who have businesses and are looking to grow their digital marketing prospects online. 

Facebook pages offer audience behavioral analytics, which consists of post reach, page likes and page reactions

When you create a Facebook page you will be able to monitor how your posts or ads are performing based on the insights.

On pages, Facebook requires you to spend money on ads so that your video can get some reach and attention but this isn't what we need.

We want to run Facebook ads for free completely. So continue reading to find out how we can reach 1 million people on Facebook without paying for FB ads or using Facebook business suite

 Setup Your Page 

There are a lot of tools at your disposal when it comes to being a Facebook page manager. You have things like creator studio where you can monitor stats of all your Facebook pages and video performances.

You can as well create Facebook ads from it and have complete control over ad set tests and see what's working and what's not.  

The goal of setting our page nicely is, that we would like to make it more attractive so that people who visit our page can end up liking it and also following it. 

If our page is neatly made from the Facebook cover photo to the Facebook page profile photo. You will have a great chance of converting Facebook free traffic into clients or customers.

How To Setup A Facebook Page

Choose a memorable name

Select the right category

Select and upload an awesome FB page profile pic

Upload a nice Facebook page cover photo

Once you have done this we can go on to the next phase.

Page Category 

Categorizing your Facebook page (Create another page that shall be categorized as band /music)

Selecting the right category is a charm, but there is also a secret, you can create a new Facebook page which you should categorize as music/band give it a fancy name unique name that is remembered.

How  To Run Ads On Facebook For Free

Join Public Facebook Groups 

Finding these kinds of groups is very crucial for your Facebook page because Facebook hides most of its traffic within Facebook groups and joining the biggest groups that allow free posting is also magical.

Names of groups Facebook groups that have over 100,000 members and allow free posting.

­čŹĆRelationship goals - 2.5m members
­čŹĆRelationship goals - 546k members
­čŹĆAfrica Dating  - 920k members

Once you have joined these groups you will be able to post and share your page content to these mega groups completely for free. 

Mega groups like these also make up for good free advertising.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Public

Check Facebook settings and turn everything about you to Public, mostly on posting. Make sure it's set on public and that everyone is able to see your posts. 

This is a vital thing which is a must If you want to achieve running ads on Facebook for free.

Posting Memes 

To boost your audience reach, you have to post things that engage more people. For this I recommend memes, uploading funny memes will get you traffic and engagement without sending money to Facebook for ads.

You can also try this other trick that shall aid those using free Facebook to see images.

How  To Run Ads On Facebook For Free

How to make memes visible to free mode users

1: Create a new page that will support your main page

2: Categorize that new page as band/music

3: Update its profile picture with a funny meme

4: Go to your main page and create a post

5: On the post go to listen to the band and  search for the music page you create

6: Once found select and publish it

Results; The post you make shall display your funny profile picture to people who aren't even on Facebook paid mode.

Remember to take advantage of the latest digital marketing trends, If not check out this article about the latest digital marketing trends

Share Memes To Public Mega Groups

You can use the Facebook lite mobile version to share your posts to groups, you can also share the posts to groups using the Facebook desktop version.

Make sure the groups you join are mega public groups with no restrictions on shared content.

If your memes are funny they will get re-shares and comments that will boost your page and you will gain a massive following without paying money to anyone.

In Conclusion

Growing a Facebook page to reach millions of people without paying for a Facebook ad can seem hard, yes but it is achievable.

Simply create an account on Facebook, afterwards go to create a Facebook page and post memes, and share those memes to mega public Facebook groups.

That's all for now on how to run Ads on  Facebook for free, thank you for reading this!.

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