How To Get AdSense Approval In 2 Weeks

How To Get AdSense Approval In 2 Weeks

Are you interested in making money online? are you excited when you hear that others make about $100 a day, and you just want to make that?!

Imagine, you have been struggling to put yourself out there to get noticed online, perhaps start pocketing this Adsense cash but things aren't adding up.

Well, we have all been there, we have all tried to make things work and it took a while but we figured out some secrets along the way, if you are interested in learning how to get AdSense approval and make money online this article is for you.

Briefly let me show you how to get started with Google AdSense and kick-start your journey in earning with Google.

1: Get A Domain 

A domain name is your identity, you must register your website/blog name first, you can get one from Namecheap or GoDaddy as low as $1.

If you are registering a completely new domain it is going to be cheap although it may take time to rank in the search engines if you aren't an expert in SEO tricks, compared to an already established domain. 

WHY? already established or old expired domains usually do come with a lot of traffic and high authority over that specific niche or product. (people who are searching for it on the web can visit your site in no time).

2: Building A Website

Building a website requires some little skills, effort and at times some funding and it's quite a struggle but hey! let's get down to work. 

Google Blogger has already made Websites templates, and it's recommended for newbies or those that aren't so familiar with WordPress. Blogger will offer you a FREE domain SSL and hosting meaning it won't cost any single coin to get started.

Okay, it could be limited but hey, you could start your journey with it today than waiting to acquire thousands to buy a domain.

WordPress, 70% of websites today are running on WordPress. It may need you to at least have basic knowledge of coding or you can get a friend who knows a little coding to help you adjust your website design accordingly. 

Once you are satisfied with what you have on the table you can now start creating pages Terms And Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and a Contact Us as you're making your website ready for AdSense.

Google values responsible websites with these Pages that actually make sense and show that you care, value and protect its visitors and such sites or blogs are approved since they're willing to make things work with you. 

So make it your primary goal to get down on the keyboard and start creating these pages.

3: Website Hosting Services

A website hosting service is a company that keeps and stores your website, your website files are kept in their cloud drives and so when people visit your site and request any file it's delivered instantly and this is the reason why you should buy your hosting from a reputable service provider

Don't just buy any cheap advertised hosting from any company because these unreliable service providers here today the next day are gone. Choose a hosting service provider that isn't too expensive or too cheap, because at the end of the day you want to stay within your budget. 

So select the best affordable web hosting services with a good reputation, Bluehost, Siteground

4: Write Terms and Conditions

Here I'm showing you how to write your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Google AdSense accepts Website which has purposes and protects user data, it's not just about you having a website running, it's about having something that works and shall bring them revenue where you yourself shall earn about 65% while they will get 45% from what you make approximately. 

Google pays you about 1-$2 for every 1000 impressions that you get and getting that you must at least have around 1000 to 788 website visits a day, don't worry I will go into detail on how to generate that kind of money but as of now let me tell you the importance of writing terms and conditions on your website.

5: Write And Publishing Content

Find a niche, a niche is your content category, the audience that visits your site or blog. what type of people are they? Are they into tech, digital marketing, jobs., Are they into politics or food or selling things? 

Make sure you have a defined niche, something you are passionate about so that whenever you're publishing an article you're connected to your readers, don't just post anything.., write things you have passion and knowledge about when you are posting content on your site. 

Meanwhile, you shall notice the kind of things your audience likes on your blog site and slowly your readers will increase in number since your topics are in their interest and interactive 

Initially have at least 28 articles and above to have a genuine online presence. Make sure you have linked your website to Google analytics and the google search console.

6: Sharing Your Blog/Website On Social Media

Sharing your blog site does assist in boosting your ranking on the Google search engine, your site gets noticed by people across the globe. 

Share your URL or links on Facebook Groups Pages, and personal profile. You can also use Twitter to share your articles or whatever you post on your blog site the more you post things the more they are discovered in the search engine. 

This increases traffic to your site and will give you huge earnings once Google approves you. 

How To Get AdSense Approval In 2 Weeks

Avoid This When Promoting A Website On Facebook

Avoid spamming links all over Facebook, it may be marked suspicious and unsafe for users and this will lead to being banned from Facebook.

Once it's banned you might fail to get 1000 visitors a day. And this may ruin your chances of earning through Adsense. 

7: Create A Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page and add your site URL as its affiliated website, and this shall make your website visible to everyone then submit this URL to Facebook team for verification, "this act will safeguard your URL from being banned from Facebook" 

Then head over and invite your friends and everyone.

8: Reach More Audiences Before You Apply For AdSense

Share your articles across social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Telegram. Make sure you're not sharing product links on Facebook.

Facebook removes links that might lead people to lose money in scams and Ponzi schemes that may make them victims.

9: Applying For AdSense

You can now apply for Google AdSense, it usually takes about one week or 2 weeks to get reviewed. Hope you have followed the steps above and definitely you will be approved.

In Conclusion

This article has addressed what people should do to start earning online through Google AdSense from creating a website to showing your first ads on the blog site. 
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