Digital Marketing Jobs Remote

Digital Marketing Jobs Remote 

Digital Marketing Remote Jobs are available almost everywhere. To be able to work remotely all you are required to have is a nice computer and a good internet connection.

Digital Marketing Jobs Remote

What are the computer specs for a good laptop for digital marketing Jobs remote

● Should be at least 8GB ram and above

Computer rams are important since they're necessary when it comes to running video creation software for example Filmola and adobe premiere. 

A computer with an 8GB ram can manage running heavy software like Android studio that can be used to run and create android software or apps.

i5 Series or more processer

It's so ideal when you are a graphic designer or like to work with heavy software that requires your computer to process a lot of information.

For instance, if you are an Animator and your digital marketing remote job is creating animations for a particular firm, It's almost impossible to run and operate blender or any similar animation creation tool comfortably, when your laptop lacks the computing power.

If your PC specs aren't fit for heavy software, you will be wasting much time waiting for things like animations to render and for software in android studio to compile.


A Good battery and a Bigger space

500 GB or more is ideal for digital marketing remote-jobs, a pc with good battery life is also very effective because during power outages, the remaining battery power will help you save your work and you won't go through the stress of losing your unsaved data.

Now that you have gotten to read the necessary requirements for a good laptop that will help you do your digital marketing remote job easily. 

Digital Marketing Jobs Remote

Let me list and elaborate on some of the digital  remote marketing jobs you can do

Digital Content Marketing

Digital marketing can be done remotely online, if you are an influencer with many followers and you are a people's person, this will aid you as a marketer because digital marketers are people who advertise and connect people to a brand.

Content Writing

Content writing unlike digital marketing doesn't require much computing power. So you don't require a powerful computer to be a content writer. In fact, content writing can be done remotely

How To Do Content Writing Remotely

1: Acquire a mobile phone or computer

2: Have a reliable stable internet

3: Download text editing and writing tools

4: Do keyword research

5: Write and edit

Lastly, send the finished draft to your brand, this can be done remotely and it is among the easiest and most reliable digital marketing remote job today.

The reason why content writing is the easiest digital marketing remote Job is, Text files are easy to send and can be done on both mobile phones and laptops. 

Graphic Designing

Graphic designers are key players in the digital marketing world. Their purpose is to add aesthetic value to the ugly world.

Doing graphic design work can be intense, as it requires a good laptop that is able to render images fast. 

Here are some of the digital marketing designer tools you may be required to install on your laptop.

1. Adobe Photoshop
2. Adobe after effects
3. Adobe illustrator
4. Krita
5. Core draw

These software's require at least more than 2GB ram PC to work perfectly. Laptops that have less than 2GB ram will find it hard to execute a digital marketing remote job of graphic designing because computers won't be unable to render pictures or open. 

Therefore, you won't succeed either at opening or editing pictures.

How to do digital marketing job of digital designing remotely

✔Find and own a good computer
✔Install the right software
✔Edit and send your finished assignment via Google drive or any file-sharing document app.

SEO Expert

SEO is hot nowadays as a lot of businesses and brands want to be successful and take advantage of the internet. SEO gurus are involved in keyword research and article editing including backlink building.

SEO means search engine optimization, these are people responsible for editing and optimizing articles for discovery in engines like

SEO is one of the top digital marketing remote jobs you can do. If you are good at it and have visible data and proof.

Companies will require this from an SEO expert

○ Acknowledgment of the latest digital trends
○ Good networking skills to score them backlinks
○ Able to adopt changes in Google updates

SEO doesn't require computers that are powerful compared to the digital marketing remote job of digital Designing.

Video Production

Video production is a hot job with good pay but it is also super intense as you will be required to work for very long hours but if you enjoy your work then there is no issue about that.

Platforms you might be expected to work remotely on

1. TikTok
2. Facebook
3. YouTube
4. Reels
5. Instagram

Basically, a company will require you to create a video for these platforms and the video might range from mere shorts, or clip's to full videos.

The computer software that might help you in digital marketing remote job of video production

1. Adobe after effects
2. Adobe premiere
3. Filmola 9
4. Blender
5. Maya 3D

These are some of the popular video editing software you shall be using and once you master them, you can increase your chances of working remotely online.

How to deliver Video files to a company when Working remotely

1.  Deliver throw We transfer
2.  Deliver throw Google drive
3.  Deliver throw email or cloud storage

PC requirements for the digital marketing job remote of video production

✔Having a computer with more than 8GB of ram
✔i5 or above
✔Good storage size of at least 500 GBs
✔Good stable internet connection

Digital Marketing Jobs Remote

In Conclusion

These are some of the best digital marketing jobs remote you can do online and start getting paid. You can even start creating and designing things for yourself before you are confident enough to work for a company or a big brand.

Best digital marketing jobs remote are
1. Content writing
2. SEO
3. Video producer
4. Graphic designer
5. Content marketer

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